Thursday, February 3, 2011

Practice Naginata For Gold

This cheat require:
1. Fiddler
2. mission_2.swf

How to cheat:
1. Open Fiddler
2. Click the 'AutoResponder'
3. Click the 'Enable automatic responses' and 'Permit passthrough for unmatched requests'
4. Drag the mission_2.swf to the 'AutoResponder'
5. Back to Ninja Saga and play 'Hardworking Student' Mission
6. If the cheat works, you will get the Practice Naginata (lv.60) and you can sell that and you will get 273100 coins
7. And you can buy anything you want

Just remember, if you play the 'Hardworking Student' mission once, you will get very very much Practice Naginata.

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