Monday, February 14, 2011

Halo 2 Review

Halo 2Halo 2 is an excellent game, there's no doubt in that. The core of the game still remains the same as the original, making it almost impossible to take a step backwards. The thing to think about here is how have the changes and improvements affected this game over its predecessor.

For campaign mode the story is not quite as captivating as the original. In addition you need to have it on Heroic for any type of challenge. And, as many other reviews have said, the game is simply much shorter than the previous (the cut scenes graphically were a little dissapointing too). However, the game is really entertaining. The maps are much more detailed, there's more variance in the layout between checkpoints. They did a pretty good job in making the layout not as repetitive. Plus the scenery is pretty interactive and makes you do a lot more cool stuff to accomplish a mission.

Weapons as well have changed a lot. They have increased the types of weapons, as well as improving ones that used to suck (the needler) and taking away some power from the pistol. The much talked about dual weilding is defiantly a nice advantage. It takes a little getting used to know how to use it best and the best combinations of weapons. Although people have complained about the fact you can't throw grenades while using it, it's more realistic (you do only have two hands). So they've made it a powerful tool, but they didn't want it to be unstoppable. Basically it seems like they've leveled the playing field more and although you may be disappointed because something isn't as dominate as before or than you thought it would be, ultimately it's for the better.

Same thing goes for vehicles: you have more to choose from, with different advantages, but they also made each a little more vulnerable and less unstoppable (the rocket launcher lock helps tremendously from the last game).

The multiplayer part of course is amazing. Looking past some minor faults (not all maps are good, the energy sword is too dominate here, etc.) this part really makes the game a cut above anything else.

The limited edition version here only really provides an extra DVD with the making of (which is interesting but not really necessary... you could easily have a friend tell you the stuff on there that's worth knowing). Besides that and the metal case, it's the same. It's really up to you weather $10-15 bucks difference is that big of a deal for you, cause it's not that big of a difference.

Bottom line: Halo 2 is a great game. It's definitely a lot of fun and very enjoyable. It's a little disappointing because the original Halo was such a huge difference from anything out there and I think everyone was expecting Halo 2 to do the same. Unfortunately, it didn't make any drastic leaps that leave you stunned, but maybe (besides living up to the hype) it didn't really need to be. What it did do was make a lot of tweaks, to try and improve on something that was already incredible. You have to praise Bungie for trying their best to please everyone. In the end the hype may have been too much, but don't let it deter you from enjoying this great game.

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