Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valve Half-Life 2 Review

Valve Half-Life 2This is a review of the full Half-Life 2 game running on 2.6GHz Pentium with 512Meg RAM and GForce 6200 video card.

The graphics, story-line, and voice acting in this game are all worthy of 5 stars. The gravity gun alone is worth a star. But I can't remember another game that is so unstable. I had to skip an entire chapter because my computer crashed every time it tried to load the chapter. I had to use cheat codes to unlock all the chapters and then start a new game at the next one.

I sent an email to Valve but, no suprise, I got no response. I checked the FAQs but all they suggest is to update the drivers (I already did, duh).

Apart from that, the game keeps crashing unpredictably and there is a huge problem with one of the npcs right now who appears to be wearing a roof around her waist instead of a skirt. Makes it pretty tricky to see around her.

Because of all the stability problems and the loss of an entire chapter I can only give this game a 3 star rating.

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Product Description:
Half-Life 2 delivers a new level of realistic action and excitement. Players return to the world of Gordon Freeman, as he returns to the Black Mesa research facility. The aliens are pouring into our world, and Freeman becomes part of a resistance group to stop them. New weapons, new enemies and new characters are waiting -- along with major enhancements in animation, artificial intelligence and graphics.

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