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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES Review

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FESI was impatient with Persona 3. I got it even before Fes came out when all us fans still thought there was no way in hell Atlus was going to ship it over to the states. However we signed a petition,rallied a bunch of team spirit, and miraculously Atlus took our whining as a valid point. Sure they likely did it because they knew they could make more money but at $29.99 this game is very much a steal! All I have to say is thank you Atlus.

Honestly I'll start by saying this rpg is not for everyone. If for example you hate dating sims, destest Japanese culture, or prefer more traditional RPGS that include knights,barbarains,dragons, fair damsels, and scantily clad spell casting elf babes Persona 3 is not for you. I do not say this to sound snutty or elite I'm just warning you so you know what you are getting into.

However if you are open minded to heavy social interactions in rpgs, a great modern day story in which our world is threatened by demonic shadows of ill intent that come out during a hidden 13th hour, and a group of teenagers that use their inner psyches to battle for the fate of mankind while trying to keep up with their responsibilities tied to high school life you will love this improved Persona 3 dearly.

As much as I want to describe evokers, Apathy syndrome, fusing cards to create new personas, strengthening social links to make your Arcana types more powerful, and running around in the labyrinth of Tartarus which oddly enough is your High School during the day time I think it is more important to discuss what is new in Fes. I assume most of you have at least researched the original title so I will not waste your time going over what has already been covered.

If you think "The Answer" segment with Aegis is the only thing new about FES you are mistaken. "The journey" has an added hard mode, more ways to increase your social links, a weapon/persona forging system,more interactivity amongst your SEES comrades,additional quests, and though it may seem like a trivial detail everyone will change their clothes throughout the year. Getting the sexy costumes for the female heroines is a guilty pleasure if you are into that sort of thing. (Maid wear and swim suits anyone?) and if you are a girl playing you'll get a giggle out of dressing down the guys too. If anything at least P3 fes does not descriminateagainst either gender. No feminists will have the excuse to wail about burning bras here. The female characters have alot of depth,personality, and lovable quirks and there's so much more to them than looks alone. The same thing can be said for the guys. You'll take to Junpei's class clown antics and Akihiko's fighting spirit in no time flat. I must say this is one of the only RPGS I played in which I liked every character and none of the cast felt like over blown comic relief or tacky add-ons. The endearing heroes/heroines in P3 Fes will make you wish Final Fantasy as a series still cared about giving their characters heart and soul instead of just marketing them to be "cool" as shallow gimmicks.

While the Jorney is easier due to all the additional ways you have of balancing normal adolescent life with fighting shadows "The Answer" is automatically on hard mode. For those of you that do not mind a challenge you'll still enjoy the same old level grinding but if you are a casual gamer it can get tedious. That said getting more revelations about the first game will be worth the drudgery to most of us. Because "The Answer" ditches social links and focuses more on combating your way through the new dungeon called the abyss of time the only conversations you'll see are between the SEES members themselves as they discuss how they feel about where their lives are heading after the events in the journey. Aegis takes the role as the lead so at the very least she has acess to more thenone Persona and can enter the velvet room.

By now if what I said has intrigued you Fes is likely worth your dollar. There are alot of less fun RPGS out there going for higher prices so right now Fes is a win/win situation.


1. Taking Elisabeth for dates outside the velvet room.

2. Walking the dog to up your social links

3. More social links to estabalish.

4. P3 fans get more answers and more closure

5. Getting revealing or outlandish costumes for each character

6. Hard mode for those that thought the original was too easy.

7. Metis is a good new character both as an antagonist and an ally.

8. Fuuka gets more love

9. More quests (One which deals with Chidori)

10. Great translation and voice overs

11. Addition of classic Persona battle songs in "The Answer"

12. Good music that fits the game. (By this I mean the music would be weird or abyssmally bad if not in P3 but it compliments this type of adventure perfectly.)

13. Very affordable


1. Gameplay is mostly unchanged

2. The Answer is nothing more then a difficult story driven dungeon hack.

3. Tartarus and the abyss of time get very repetitive. It would have been nicer if more missions took place outside the main dungeons or there were more enviorment types.

4. Those not open minded to modern Japanese culture may feel alienated.

5. Atlus could have waited so we only had to buy this version instead of belting out money for two versions of essentially the same game. Hopefully Persona 4 will come to us finished the first time. If they later release P4 fes I'll be irrate.

6. The game is very linear (especially if you've romped around in the wide open spaces of Dragon Warrior 8 or Final Fantasy 12)

7. Likely the copies are limited so snatch it soon or forever be in gamer purgatory. (Atlus always has limited copies. What gives?)

8. To clarify evokers are not real guns but the imagery of putting a gun like object to ones head and pulling the trigger to summon a persona is still risque. No problem for gamers with a good grip on reality but if you are a parent considering this a purchase be sure your teenager or child is firmly rooted in common sense before you get them P3 fes. Overall it is not nearly as violent or vulgar as God of War or GTA San Andreas however.

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Product Description:
A brand new chapter of Persona 3 featuring 30 plus hours of gameplay and an enhanced version of the original game loaded with new content and features, Persona 3 FES is the comprehensive version of one of the most acclaimed RPG's of 2007. Over 120 plus hours of total combined gameplay, numerous additions and enhancements, and critically-acclaimed game and art design.

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