Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Far Cry Review

Far CryI'm not really writing this as a review of the game, there are tons to read from since the game has been out, but to help you out in making sure you get the right copy of the game. This is the DVD version of Far Cry, and it may or may not install on your 64-bit operating system. I have Vista 64-bit, and can run newer, as well as older games on it, older than Far Cry, but had a problem with this one. When I went to install the game, everything looked like it was going good, but then an error came saying install 32bit.exe, or 64bit.exe. Okay, so I open up the game files and look for 64bit.exe. But guess what, it's not there. 32bit.exe is however, but that doesn't work. Puzzled I went to the internet. After spending over two hours looking for a solution, and finding this was a widespread problem, it seems from the numerous forum posts I read that Crytek, the developer, or Ubisoft, the publisher, forgot to include the 64-bit installation on the disk. That is why it wouldn't work.

Then I found out another interesting bit of info. There have been at least three versions of Far Cry released on the PC. The original boxed five cd version, a re-release five cd jewel case version, and this dvd version. Well, It seems the original release,the re-release and dvd versions have different setup files. See in the original version, the install was simply called setup.exe, and the re-release, and dvd has the setup32-bit.exe version on them. The versions that have setup32-bit.exe on them are what is causing problems for people with 64-bit operating systems, and from what I read there is no solution for it. BUT, I read the original boxed five cd version would work. So after feeling bummed out about my dvd version not working, I decided to try and find an original release. I found one for dirt cheap on the internet. Before installing I checked to see if it had the setup.exe file on it, and it did and I went to install it. Well it worked beautifully. It installed without a hitch. I had to download a patch afterwards so the graphics would run right and after that the game ran great, with no crashes, freeze ups, or glitches anywhere. It was awesome.

If you are wanting to get this game, and you have a 64bit operating system, you may want to try and find an original release, and not the re-release, or this dvd version.

I hope this was helpful, and I hope I didn't make it confusing. The game is awesome, and was worth the trouble I went through to play it. It has some flaws, all games do, but the pros outweight the cons, and it is a fantastic experience. Thanks for reading this and I hope it helps.

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Product Description:
Stranded in paradise on a remote island. Hunted by an unrelenting team of mercenaries. Use every vehicle, weapon, and strategy at your disposal to survive.

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