Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Review

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3I think this is one of the best out of the MK series. MK:DA was easily the best. Then came MKII. And in third comes Ultimate MKIII. This is almost like Trilogy (having nearly every character), but the characters actually have plots that make sense. All of the favorite characters are in this version. Including Scorpion, Classic Sub-Zero, Rain, and my favorite: Noob Saibot. OK, Ill admit that the graphics werent the best. But, then again...its SNES. The graphics were good enough compared to other SNES games (its unfair to compair them to PS2 or XBox graphics). The main reason why this game is a classic, is because all of them bonuses. Extra levels, characters, little suprises, area fatalities, etc. There are only two downfalls about this game. And it involves characters. 1)No Sheeva, she was a badass. Sheeva appears only in the Genesis version. 2)No Baraka, he was a badass. Even with those two flaws, this is still a great game. Throughout MK history, Ive always been a Sub Zero fan. But Noob Saibot is much harder in this game. Unfortunatly, Midway stopped production for this game kinda early so they can make copies of it for the N64. So the game is kinda hard to find. But whatever you spend on this game will be worth it! Here is a list of all the characters.

Sonya Blade,Cyrax,Jade,Jax,Kabal,Liu Kang,Kano,Kitana,Kung Lao,Nightwolf,Reptile,Scorpion,Sektor,Sindel,Smoke,Kurtis Stryker,Sub-Zero,Shang Tsung,Ermac,Mileena,Ninja Smoke,Classic Sub-Zero,Rain,Noob Saibot

Bosses: same as MKIII, Shao Khan & Motaro.

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