Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi everyone, I'm Joanne. I haven't had much experience playing many games for years. The only console I've had was the original Nitendo (NES), and the only games I had was Mario (sorry, don't know the actual name of the game), a shooting ducks game (?), and a Barbie game ( Once the console broke, my parents never bought a new one because so much of my time and my sister's time was consumed playing these games. I guess I could understand their worry that these games would prevent us from studying, but considering that I was seven and my sister was ten, we really didn't have much to study.

Anyways, I do like playing video games- I just don't have much time to play them. But nowadays I find myself having more fun watching than playing. For some reason, I find myself feeling slightly stressed when playing the game.

During our discussion of work vs. play, I thought of what I did for play. For me, my "play" is watching my TV shows (30 Rock, Modern Family, and Glee) and reading gossip sites. I know these aren't games, but these are what I use to relax and keep myself sane. But then I realized that I do have a game that I play occasionally. I discovered/downloaded Unblock Me on my iTouch during finals week in Fall 2010, and it was a great stress reliever. I completed it a while ago so I haven't come back to it often- only when I want to kill some time before getting to work. I think I've been unwilling to revisit it after completing it because there was no "reward" for completing it. I know it may seem a little silly for wanting some acknowledgement even through some free iTouch App game, but after completing 800+ puzzles, I expected SOMETHING other than having the game start all over without warning. I need to find something that will have more of a reward. Anyways, with that said, feel free to suggest any games to me that I might enjoy! Please and thank you!

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