Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deus Ex Review

Deus ExI feel bad not giving this game five stars, it's certainly one of the best I've seen in a long time and I can't believe I haven't heard more buzz about it. I bought the game based on the other reviews here, and I have tosay, they're right on target.
Deus Ex really delivers serious gaming fun.It's like a game with an X-Files-esque plot (without the aliens), RogueSpear gaming (strategic FPS), and Soldier of Fortune(action-oriented FPS).It really delivers and gives the player the opportunity to take aballs-out, guns blazing approach or a more stealthy, sneaky method to getwhat you need done (either way, you get just as much skill points, soyou're not penalized for not getting a maximum body count).
The graphicsare great. Nothing particularly revolutionary (as with Vampire) butdefinitely nothing to complain about. Generally very smooth with lots ofdetail, nice lighting, good atmosphere (you really don't see this on a lotof the screenshots). The plasma gun really has a nice effect, as do thegrenades, but when things blow up (like crates) it's just a bunch ofpolygons (yawn). I guess we can't expect all games to have the detail (andgore) of Soldier of Fortune.
There are a few holes in the plot (such asit's feasibility), but with a little willful suspension of disbelief, it'srather engrossing. (I've had more than my fair share of 5+/hour playingsessions with this puppy.) Travelling from New York to Hong Kong to Nevada,you'll see plenty of places and meet enough interesting characters to keepyou going. I don't know if different responses to conversations give yousignificant variances in the plot, but it's interesting all thesame--especially the different ways you can solve your missions.
I'vebecome very picky in terms of the games I buy, I don't have a lot of timeto play them and I don't have a lot of money to spend on them, so they'vegot to be good. This is one of those games I am delighted to have boughtand -certainly- recommend to others.
The only reason this didn't getfive stars is because of the unplausible premise in the plot and the lackof anything really ground-breaking in the realm of gaming (though, I'lladmit, this is one of the best games I've ever seen at really having thefeel of an authentic RPG.)

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