Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doctor Who The Companion Chronicles- Peri and the Piscon Paradox review

I was really looking forward to listening to this one. I enjoy the Big Finish  Companion Chronicles immensely, and have an entirely natural ‘liking’ for Peri- so it was going to be win /win!
And I listened and it was a fun caper. Lots of running around in Santa Monica and some nice scenes with ‘our’ Peri interacting with her future self. But when it ended I found myself with some nagging problems- there were a few bits of the story that didn’t make sense, or at the very least did not ring true…
But, I thought, you can’t win them all, eh? They all can’t be terrific!
And then the second half of the story started up and this adventure was lifted from the average to something way beyond and into one of the best Who stories I have ever heard. Seriously. And all those niggles I had with the story in the first half were now resolved and made sense.
I’ve said it before and I suspect that I am going to keep on saying it- but this series has been going for almost fifty years, and it is quite incredible that there are still writers coming up with new and original ideas for it. And like all good ideas it seems so obvious in retrospect that you can’t help but wonder why it hasn’t been done before.
Also, I had a brilliant surprise while I listened to the second half. Particularly when the guest star showed up. It was unexpected and delightful, and I couldn’t help but thinking how cool it was that this was kept under wraps.
Only it wasn’t, was it? I suspect I’m the only person who listens to these without even looking at the picture on the front and so I was the only one to whom this was a surprise!

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