Monday, February 14, 2011

Final Fight: Streetwise Review

Final Fight: StreetwiseThis game brings back memories. You can play as all of the original characters in an arcade mode or play the story. This game is great, cheesy and unsophisticated. It's a fun simple game, good graphics. The only part that I was really surprised about was the unlockable original game. It's very choppy and poor quality. The capcom classic collection vol. 1 has an exact, high quality version of the original a

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Product Description:
Final Fight X: Streetwise continues the storyline of Capcom's classic arcade brawler. You'll become Kyle Travers -- renowned pit fighter and brother of Cody Travers, one of the original Final Fight characters. When Cody is kidnapped, Kyle hits the streets to find his brother. But Metro City has changed; a new designer drug is out, and street violence is exploding as dealers and junkies fight for a piece if the new market. Gang members, businessmen, homeless drunks, hookers - any of them might have the information you need to find Cody. As you play, you'll explore a fully-realized Metro City, picking up side missions and building your rep, as you track down the kidnappers. You'll also into some familiar faces from previous Final Fight games.As you fight you'll activate special modes that make you deadlier, like the Instinct Mode that increases attack speed and accuracy, or the CounterTime that slows your enemies down

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