Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why doesn't Dhoni include bowlers as well?

Well if one has the patience to go through the latest article in one of the major cricket website, Dhoni seeks more from his batsmen after their humiliating loss in the first one dayer against and in South Africa a couple of days back. However, if Dhoni is indeed serious about the words what he says, it was not only the batsmen who were involved in the mishap but the bowlers as well who allowed the hosts to pile up 289 runs on the board. But, Dhoni's words don't seem to concern the bowlers in any way. Well, there's no one disputing.

If Dhoni's personal contribution in the match is concerned, he could manage a handy 25 runs from 35 balls which included a once again handy 33 run partnership in the mere total of 154 which was 135 runs less than the total piled up by the hosts - South Africa. Though this was far from sufficient, Dhoni's part is well appreciated in moving the tempo forward when batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Murali Vijay and Rohith Sharma failed to do their bit. But, still, my personal opinion was that Dhoni's words were uncalled for and a suggestion would ask him to visit the site - Good Health & You

Well, Dhoni should not take this match too seriously for, it is evident that Dhoni's men were facing the South Africans on their own soil unlike their previous home tours against Australia and New Zealand. This was the first one dayer and a defeat doesn't seem to be the end of all with a major even scheduled in 5 weeks from now onwards. Luckily, Dhoni's men will be facing most of their opponents on their home soil which would add to the advantage with most of the players being in form. A loss in the 1st match may turn out to be victory in the remaining four.

India have managed to draw the last test when a loss was thought to be in hand. They won the only T20 game scheduled in Durban all in South Africa. Dhoni needs to realize that India were playing South Africa without the likes of Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir and with out of form players like Yuvraj Singh. With so much advantages and chances that India have had and are likely to have, Dhoni should not bother much about the loss which are one out of 20. For every 20 wins, India loses one match and if that lone match draws a lot of criticism, such ideas have to be totally ignored.

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