Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tallent change by Charless

Requirements :
1. Level 40 or above
2. Must have “Deadly Performance” as your Extreme Talent.
3. Charles Proxy 3.5.2 & Firefox Addon [required to use Charles with Firefox] 
4. Firefox 3.6.13

Procedure :

1. Install Charles Proxy 3.5.2 & the Firefox addon

2. Open Firefox & start Ninja Saga

3. The Character Choosing screen appear will appear…

Don’t Click “Play” button

4. Open Charles Proxy & you will get the following UI

5. Click on “Breakpoints” button

6. Now go to Ninja Saga & Click “Play”… the browser will freeze due to breakpoints you have set.. & This screen will pop up…

7. Click on Execute 2 times…

8. Now at the 3rd time Click on “Edit Request”

9. Now Click on “AMF”

10. Now double click on “False” & change it to “True”

11. Now Click “Execute” 4 times

12. Now at the 5th time Click on “Edit Request”, then Click on “AMF”.. You will see this Window.. Now Click on “Bloodline” to expand it

14. Now expand [1],[2],[3]…. & so on… & alter their values as follows:

Skill Set : Eye Of Mirror
bloodline_id : 1
skill_id :
1019- Mirror Of Passion
1020- Mirror Of Grace
1021- Mirror Of Strength
1022- Mirror Of Freedom
1023- Eye Of Mirror
1024- Crescent Eye Of Mirror
level : 10

Skill set : Eight Extremities
bloodline_id : 2
1007- Soul Punch
1008- Eight Extremities Fist
1009- Extreme Mode
1010- Ultimate Dance
1025- Eight Extremities
1026- Eight Extremities Strengthen
level : 10

1.Please keep the order intact or else you will get error
2.You can only use 1 Skill set at a time.. so please don’t mix up the values of both skill set
3.Don’t expand & edit [0] value or else you will get error

15. Now Click on “Breakpoints” button again & then Click “Execute”

16. Done… Now you have your desired skill & that too with desired level…

Note: This change is temporary so when you will refresh your browser, yo will have to do it all over again..


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