Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paper-Writing Game? (also VIDEO GAME PARTY INVITE)

Hey friends,
(skip to bottom for video game party info)

I'm currently sitting in Bobst writing the paper for this class and since I've been writing papers for the past 2 weeks, I'm finding myself pretty unmotivated and incredibly distracted (curse you, facebook and twitter...)

Trying to keep myself focused, I decided to make a little game out paper writing. It's definitely not as fun as Pokemon or Super Smash Brothers (particularly because Bobst is a much more depressing arena than the Mushroom Kingdom and the like) but it has made staring at my computer a bit more fun. Here are my rules:
  1. Every time I finish one page, I get to eat a rice krispie treat, ritz bits cheese cracker pack or starburst.
  2. When an album finishes playing on my itunes, I get to go on facebook and twitter.
  3. When I FINALLY finish my paper, I get to leave Bobst, go home and read my new issue of Cosmo.
That last reward may seem silly but it is the ultimate prize because I really hate bobst and would love more than anything to get out of here! I should also note that to help me stay in the gamer mindset, I'm listening to the video game soundtracks from Gimmick!, Final Fantasy, and others.

I've only been able to eat one rice krispie treat so far so I have a ways to go still... but my new game is already helping me stay motivated and focused... I highly encourage my fellow classmates to try it out, changing the rewards as you see fit.

Good luck with finals and papers!

Peace, Love and 1-Ups,

P.S. For those who left immediately after class on Friday, a few of us gaming addicts have decided to organize a little video game party (I do believe it is girls vs. guys). Tentatively, it will be this Friday 12/17 around 5pm at my apartment so if you are interested, look me up on facebook and I'll get back to ya! Of course, I will be not be checking fbook until after this Kingdom Hearts soundtrack ends...

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