Saturday, December 11, 2010

Infinity Blade... Oh CrAP!!!!!!!

I shall now tell you a tale. Imagine a game where your main character is killed by the final boss and you must play as that character's son in order to exact revenge. NOW imagine you did exact revenge but that hero is killed and HIS son now has to avenge him. This is the premise for Infinity Blade. I assume all of you have downloaded it by now and you know that its by far the most graphically outlandish I Phone game in the history of mankind! I just finished an article that said as long as the I-Phone can't imitate the consoles then it will be ok. Buuuuttt nooooooo!!!!!!! Epic Games had to go and do it anyways and make an awesome RPG experience with fluid touch screen controls, revolutionary graphics, and near unlimited replayability. Thanks a lot Epic....

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