Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back to the Classics

As I went through my old emulators on the computer, I stumbled upon Dragon Warrior 3 for the GBC. I remembered this game as one of the fondest I had during my childhood and ended up spending 14 hours completing the game on a faster pace through the emulator. While this game was indeed a game that branched off from others, this game offered a unique chance to create one's own reality through the choices it gave. At the time, I remember being mind-boggled with the choices that were given to me, especially the variety of characters I could choose from. Starting from the typical warriors, mages, and thieves, this game added a wide variety of different classes that offered something unique of their own to the game. Also the sheer size of the world was something not expected to be in a GBA title. With two whole worlds to adventure in, not to mention the dungeons and the variety of monsters, this was a game that offered to me a world that I could play by a set of rules, but also one that allowed for imagination.

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