Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top 10 free fashion games for girls

There are plenty of great avatar websites for girls...and best of all, most of them are free.

Here is a list and review of 10 of the best places to create an awesome girl avatar with the best fashions. All are fun websites where you can spend hours and hours making a perfect look:
  1. Stardoll
  2. Girlsense
  3. Frenzoo
  4. GoSuperModel
  5. PoupeeGirl
  6. MissBimbo
  7. I-dressup
  8. Groovygirls
  9. BarbieGirls
  10. DressupChallenge
1/ Stardoll

Desire to be like Beyonce or Angelina Jolie?

Stardoll is the place for making celebrity dolls and fashion dress up. It is easy to use, fun and has a huge amount of members from around the world. It's all in 2D which means you don't need to download any software and it's pretty fast to load. The dolls don't move but are nicely detailed and there's plenty of them.

Shopping is great and you can even buy virtual versions of DKNY and Vivienne Tam items! Apart from just creating looks and accessorizing, you can do a lot of other things in the community like creating or joining a club, making a lookbook, chatting and entering competitions. You can try creating fashions also, although you have to pay for their Superstar service in order to be able to save them or sell to others.

Stardoll is the biggest and one of the best sites in the Top 10 list and best for girls from around 7 to 11 years old.


GirlSense is another site similar to Stardoll and also best for younger girls. You get your character and can dress her in a lot of fashions and accessories. The graphics are really nice and it's so simple to use.

One of the best parts of the site is it's new Girlsense Design Studio. Here you can create your own unique fashions - choose fabric, color and lots lots more - the level of control on what you can do is kinda scary! The Faceplace function lets you really set the mood of your avatar - how you are feeling, through different expressions and facial features. Apart from designing there is also private and public chat on chatterbox.

Creativity is really valued in the community, probably more so than on Stardoll and it's a great place if you want to express yourself.


Frenzoo is a web community where you can create amazing fashions and 3D avatars for free

The graphics lets your avatar do animated catwalk poses or little dances. You have to install a plugin, but you don't have to reload your browser which is nice.

The best part about this game is that you can create your own 3D fashions and hairstyles - swimwear, cool dresses, punk costumes, emo looks, whatever you can like.

Frenzoo is best for teenagers and older, the minimum age for using this game is 13.


Gosupermodel is simple & fun site which has recently been refreshed. Designed for younger girls, the site has a game theme, as you first play the part of the assistant as a designer fashion show.

You can also skip the game and get straight into creation and the fashion system is simple but can produce nice results. Overall the avatars are fairly basic, but their style is fun and with its own personality.

The site uses Java which seemed to slow down my notebook, but if you're on a newer machine it should work just fine.This place is best suited for younger girls.


Avatars from the land of the rising sun?

Ok, so it's not in English but the styles of the avis in this Japanese site are gorgeous and cute. If you want to make an avatar which is truly sweet then this is the site for you.

The graphic style is chic - although the dolls don't move they are detailed, and it's always refreshing to see what are the latest trends from Japan.


Yes, the name is controversial, and Miss Bimbo lives up to it's name.

Members can design their own bimbo, shop, create fashion and then the strange things: buying diet pills, getting breast enlargement surgery for your "bimbo". It is one of the few fashion games that has taken this "copy reality" of celebrity lifestyles to the real limit.

So the site may not be the best example for good beahvior, but it is popular for tween girls and it does have it's own humor. Enter at your own risk...


As the name says, the site is all about dressing up, with tons of mix-and-match games for play. You can create your own Miley Cyrus if you like?

The site is well designed and has a lots of things to do. When shopping, you can also personalize some items, for example cropping a top or recoloring a skirt.

One special thing is that when you join, at the start you actually get two avatars. One is a more real world looking one called iLook, the other is more kawaii manga styled and called iToon. It's a nice touch letting you switch between more irl looks and fantasy themed styles.


Groovy Girls is a place for a pre-teen set, with very young styled dolls and graphical style.

You can join chatting parties - safety is a big part of the site and the chat is limited to only a predefined set of conversations. Girls can also do up your "Mod Pod" which is your home and also design your own moves and go dancing which is kinda cool. Overall the site is fun for young kids, however many of the best features are limited to those with an "RSVP" code.


If you're looking for one of the biggest sites for girls, you've found it in BarbieGirls. The site is professionally made and well designed with its younger members in mind.

You can setup your Barbie Girl avatar, which has a unique style like a cartoon. Then proceed to go shopping, mix and match, decorate your room with a range of furniture, visit the beauty salon and a lot more.

There are plenty of places to make friends and socialise, chatting is safe as well as moderated.

It's a great site as you would expect from such a large and successful company.


As with Frenzoo, this site is great for teens with more edgy and realistic styling.

Your avatar can be designed with tattoos, themed or alternative clothes and accessories like guitars, and also be given a cosmetic makeover.

As the name sounds, a big part of the site is competitions, letting members fight it out to be the best, eg- punk rock chic, with the best rising to the top and featured in the showcase for winners. It's a great alternative to some of the younger fashion games such as Stardoll or Girlsense.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed reading this list! Do leave your comments and feedback

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