Friday, January 30, 2009

11 vs. 11 possible for EA's FIFA 2010

EA is hoping to support 11 vs. 11 play in time for their FIFA 2010 World Cup edition. This will allow them to have a "Virtual World Cup" with 11 of the best players from each country representing.

FIFA 08 producer Joe Booth says, "In the long term we have big plans. We'd like for the 2010 World Cup to have a virtual World Cup at the same time, and build an organization in each territory that finds the best 11 players and flies them out to South Africa, and have a full-on tournament there."

Booth says that over the next two iterations of the game they're focusing on a "Be A Pro" feature which has the player taking care of one man on the field. Booth says they're trying to get something that feels "offline." It would be cool after EA finishes the whole tournament in 2010 they edit the footage to get the best angles possible for the game and put it on the marketplace ... for free. That might be fun to watch.

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