Thursday, April 16, 2009

VIP Membership and Currency Exchange in Fashion Communities

In the era of social networks and communities, it is amazing how many different niche groups you can find. If your interests are Aviation, there are groups surrounding all aspects of flying. If you are in to Modern Dance, there are networks that focus on sharing experiences and tips on how to do the 'next' dance moves. What we focus on this blog are the fashion sites, the communities that allow for us to dream and design our own clothing and put that out to the rest of the world.

What we can do for free is endless, if you are in to fashion design you can check out any number of free design sites. We have listed many of those on this site previously. But what we haven't listed are the a number of sites that allow for you to design, but also that are paid! It does seem counter-intuitive, but many it is increasingly important to note that most of the free sites we have reviewed also have paid functions. What a better way to gauge your favorite than checking out the research we have done?

We have found 7 sites that we think are at the forefront of the design and community for fashion. Many of these sites have their own internal “currency” which in some cases are stronger in a US Dollar exchange rate than many country's own currencies!

Here is a table overview the statistics and figures for upgrading free accounts, or just getting more $$$ to fly in your virtual private jet...



You Get




SuperStar VIP



$10 Prepaid Cards

Get Coinz




VIP Club


Gold Coins

Special Selection

VIP Status

Not Disclosed

Linden Dollars

$9.95/1 Month

$6.00/Month (year subscription)

Premium Member & Land Purchases


Gold Points

$5 / 2500 Points

Lots of coins


Gaia Cash

$1 / 100 Gaia Cash

Ability to buy special items


In terms of direct currency exchange, Gaia, WeeWorld and Meez offer the paid coins services to offer a way out of spending many hours working to gather enough coins to purchase the expensive items. Offering the option to buy virtual currency needs to have incentive, and there are many cool items that can only be purchased by obtaining the respective virtual currency.

The other course of action for these paid options is offering elite services. In Stardoll, when you subscribe to be a Super Star VIP, you are get the ability to own your own fashion shop- allowing you to design, buy and sell your own fashion line. You get exclusive High-End designer labels from both Stardoll and from real world designers. The most interesting aspect is that you are able to send global broadcast messages to the entire Stardoll community.

In IMVU, the paid subscription allows you to be able to register your name, instead of having 'Guest' in front of your user name. With that you also get Super Powers, and VIP Badges in the game. If that isn't enough, you get many upgrades and features that are unavailable to the 'normies'.

One of the biggest names in virtual reality is Second Life. The coolest feature of any of these sites is the ability to buy your own virtual land for development when you become a Premium Member. You can use this to design the topography, housing, and to top this off you also get a monthly allowance of Linden Dollars.

The newest community in the bunch is Frenzoo. Since they are in Beta still, the VIP program is given as a gift to highly active members in the design community. VIP members get the ability to design clothing for either men or women and sell their designs in their own shop. Your profile picture receives a VIP badge, which makes you stand out in the crowd. There is a gold coin function to buy coins, but it has yet to be introduced to the beta community.

If you are looking into what deals are out there for getting new features and coins, I hope this helps you compare what is out there. We love to add functionality to every game we encounter, and with these seven sites there are many things we would love to get our hands on!

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