Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Top 5 Fashion Design Sites on the Web

Once again we are back finding out the best in Fashion sites, this time we want the best that allow designing of your own fashion.

In this Top 5, each of these sites carries their own unique touch to creating fashion. The best part of each of these sites is how much creativity is allowed by all of us users! It's no wonder these games are so popular, because instead of picking and choosing, we get to draw – shape – sew – and dream.


4.Fashion Fantasy Game

The greatest part about designing fashion is sharing it with the world around you. Girlsense does a great job of allowing you to pick any item on the site and completely restyle it and decorate to match your imagination. After you save your designs, you can open a shop to sell the fashions to other designers in Girlsense and make yourself into a true fashionista online!

You get to choose your avatar at the beginning and build your way to the top, just like real life- and definitely as stylish!

Taking dress up games into 3D is the future, and in Frenzoo, the ability to design clothes in 3D is a reality. Starting out in Frenzoo you can buy fashion or design your own, and there are more than enough items already in shops that were designed by others to spark your creative juices. Just like Girlsense, you are allowed to open a shop and sell your own designs! The create tool is very powerful for being online, as seen below- you get to design on a 3D mesh!

Delving into the world of fashion, Roiworld offers hundreds of mini-games designed to allow us to dress up avatars into any combination of clothing. Since this list is about “fashion design”, we draw attention to the 'drawing' function in Roiworld. As the picture shows below, you are able to draw ontop of your avatar into any design imaginable. Since this works more like a photoshop or paint, it takes a steady hand (not pictured below). The fashions you create on this can be saved, and then entered into competitions- which give you the ever sought after fame!

Fashion Fantasy Game
In, you get to design clothing combinations based upon color and pattern styles. Becoming a VIP in-game means you can design clothing color patterns, and place those onto any template in the design shop (below). The community has shops for each person, like the other sites on this list, and the important thing about this site is that each outfit gets rated as you design it! And of course, the first few times you will be a 'disaster'. It helps you get better, promise.

This site is the only of the 5 that uses real fashions (not virtual) but it involves a great sense of creativity, and that is what fashion design is all about. Within Polyvore, you are allowed to mix and match any fashion items and group them together, which is interesting because you can choose anything! The design creation center pictured shows how you can mix sizes colors shapes and accessories in one place and then save those designs. Even though there is no avatar to speak of, the site is definitely worthy of a top 5 spot.

There you are, our top 5 fashion design games- Give them a try, and we know you will find something you like! And maybe meet a few friends along the way.

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