Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How can cricket in Ireland flourish?

Well in today's cricketing world, almost every country is into controversies with doubts being raised whether it is regarding the idea to make headlines in major cricket or sports websites or to just be in the news no matter whether it is for the good or the bad reasons. And, Ireland has proven not to be an exception as well. Well, though the post doesn't take into consideration about Ireland's intention, one has to question the integrity of the sport called cricket in Ireland which at present is showing signs of upraise. They have shown decent improvement in cricket the day since they made entry into the big stage.

Needless to be said, they beat Pakistan in the pool stage of the 2007 world cup at the Caribbean after ending up with a tie in their another league stage encounter with Zimbabwe. And to make it better, they beat Bangladesh in the super eights of the tournament, which saw to it that they never returned with empty hands from the super eights. They once again beat Bangladesh in the 2nd world T20 held at England which saw them make it to the super eights of a world cup for yet another time. Though this fact may not go well with cricket enthusiasts, they could manage what India could in the super eights.

Precisely speaking, India came down to the level where Ireland were placed by the end of the super eights, when they lost all the three matches they played in the super eights. Luckily, Ireland could manage what even world champions - Australia couldn't in the 2009 edition of the world T20 when they made it to the super eights while the Aussies couldn't. If you are bored with cricket, then Movies reviews here after read and you can watch the movie at theater . Anyways, coming back, despite all these interesting facts about Ireland, the way things are going on thereafter is just disappointing.

News has its say that two players namely Hamish Marshall from New Zealand and Ed Joyce from England will be playing for Ireland in the coming ICC major world cup. The reasons for this might be quite obvious that they have little chance of not making their re-entry back to their national squad and they are a better bargain for an upcoming team like Ireland. They are better than any Irish born cricketer atleast in today's cricket. One can imagine if this continues to make rounds with every foreign cricketer trying to find a place in a non-test playing team, what might happen to the cricket in its own soil?

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