Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learning How To Play Texas Holdem

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If you are fresh to the poker scene and want to learn Texas Holdem, you should look for a place that provides to most privacy. You may be thinking that because you are not knowledgable and skilled, that you should not take part in any games. There's no need to be wary, it is the most popular card game in years and there is always someone who is happy to teach you how to play Texas Holdem. It's a lot like learning how to swim - you obviously can't do it on the shore. You need to dive in and take part, possibly go under the water a few times and come back up sputtering, but you will get the hang of it.

Start by watching some of the televised tournaments to get a feel for how the proffesionals play. There are recorded and televised tournaments accessible during most times of the day and evening on many of the cable channels. The greatest part about it is that you can watch reruns of the same game dozens of tiles and still learn something you may have missed before. It is a constant learning experience. You will notice a strange group of folks, from all different walks of life. There some high IQ players who come to the table, some who come because they need to make a large sum of money and some players who come only because they have a reputation to keep up. You'll find them wearing sunglasses, hoodies, champions bracelets and any range of expressions from reserved to amiable. Do not let them intimidate you, once you attain that level you'll have your own cool down pat.

You can learn a lot by dealing your own game. Sit down at the kitchen table and deal out cards for 5 or 6 players. Go around to table to each seat and play every player's hand. You will learn how to play the odds and refine your card-handling abilities all at once. This will keep your attention on the game rather than trying to read the other players. Also it isn't so daunting since there is nobody to chuckle when you fold or badger you when you called instead of raising the bid.

Also there's quite a few websites online where you can play for free while you get some experience. At these sites you can watch people's plays and figure out their tactics without having the intimidation that comes with face-to-face games.

You can play poker online for free over at this poker site that I use.

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