Sunday, November 22, 2009

3d fantasy & art in virtual worlds

Entry in Koinup 3d fantasy art contest

They are realities not bound in reality...  fantasies are at the core of dreaming.

As a genre, "fantasy" is loaded with magic, mysteries and supernatural powers.  It's easy to lose yourself within a well crafted novel or movie.

Thanks to recent technology advancements, free-form online worlds are now a perfect platforms to actually live out a fantasy experience - they are open platforms where the only real limitations are in the mind, not in the pixels.

Second Life's powerful 3d creation tools and savvy userbase has led to some stunning fantasy sims where members roleplay and interact both in and out of character.

Other platforms such as IMVU have various groups and 3d rooms devoted to fantasy roleplaying (see one of the many Harry Potter fangroups) and on Frenzoo people can mod sims and make their own fantasy fashion and environments.

Fantasy art on Koinup

Some of the best fantasy art is now on show at Koinup, a cross world community for artists and non-artists alike.

A group has been setup and contest currently live to showcase the best of the best, from all the virtual worlds and also games such as The Sims.  It's well worth the visit to help spark your imaginations..

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