Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top 5 Avatar Sites Offering Free Services and Features

Back on the hunt for finding the top avatar sites, we’ve decided to pick out the top sites offering free services and features to users. Each of the top sites listed here offers something different and unique to users in the world of avatars and design. Whether it is in the form of creation, design, social networking via 3D chat or just the ability to try some different online personalities, these sites will be sure to entertain your imagination without breaking the bank right away!

  1. Second Life
  2. Frenzoo
  3. Meez
  4. IMVU
  5. Stardoll (2D)

Second Life

Second Life does a great job of allowing users to work, love, shop, explore and play without spending serious amounts of hard-earned cash to do so. The company offers a free online virtual world that is imagined and created by you, its users, for the ultimate customizable experience downloaded right to your desktop. Included in the free membership from Second Life is the ability to customize your own avatar, building opportunities, 3D voice/text chat and membership also includes a sign-up bonus of 250 Linden dollars (Second Life’s form of currency which can also be purchased separately). If you’re lucky, sometimes veteran members of the site will locate newbie’s to not only help them get started on the site but also offer up some articles of clothing to expand on your look! Create your avatar and start exploring today!


Frenzoo is a unique 3D avatar community for fashion and lifestyle inspired individuals. With your free membership from Frenzoo you can start by shopping or designing your own clothes and accessories to customize your avatar as you wish. The site offers enough free items in the shops to get your adventure started, and also provides video tutorials to get you started creating your own fashion. Frenzoo, along with Second Life are the only Top 5 sites which offer the create feature to its users free of charge, which is a big bonus to users who are interested in trying out their skills at designing their own fashions. It should also be noted that the creation process is much more user friendly and less intensive than the process offered by Second Life. Meet new friends, customize your avatar, open your own shop, decorate your home and share it all on your personal profile. Below is a picture of the ‘create’ function that allows users to dream and create their own fashions. You can also refer to the chart of pricing below to get a better understanding of the cost breakdown for Frenzoo and the other sites listed. Frenzoo was an easy pick for a spot in the Top 5!

Meez Online Community

The Meez online community is another great free option for users looking to expand their imagination in an online virtual avatar experience. The Meez nation is an online collection of ‘neighborhoods’ serving numerous interests and groups of users. The free membership offered includes the ability to experience the virtual world, customize your own avatar, and play games and converse with others in the forums. Meez is also the only site listed in the top 5 that does not offer any type of user generated content.

Similar to other sites listed here, Meez offers a form of currency for sale that can be used to purchase new items for your avatar and further your creative imagination, although they are not required to start your adventure today!


IMVU is the only option listed in the top 5 that does not currently offer support for Mac users, but they do have some great features that are free of charge for all of you PC users out there. In IMVU users are able to create their own Avatar and chat in a 3D experience. Also included in the free membership to the site is the ability to customize your own homepage. Unfortunately many of the options in the marketplace on the site require purchasing, and users are only given one set of clothes or outfit upon registering for a new user account. If you, the user, are interested in expanding your look or wardrobe, coins will need to be purchased in order to do so. The choice is up to you!

Stardoll (2D)

Stardoll currently lays claim to offering the largest online community for girls who

are interested in fashion, shopping, decorating, creativity and making new friends from around the world. Free features of the site include the ability to customize your MeDoll avatar, shop for new items, play dress up and decorate your own suite. Membership on the site is free, but again similarly to some of the other Top 5 sites listed, they offer the choice to purchase more of their currency dubbed ‘stardollars’ for expanded purchasing and customization options. Many of the free items offered in the shop are of basic design, with some of the nicer and detailed items reserved for users with VIP status or costing coins.

Item cost/payment breakdown

Well, there you have the Top 5 avatar sites offering free services and features to you; the creative and imaginative users. We are confident that you will find something of interest to you and hope that this article helps you in your adventures, so go check them out and make some new friends in the process! Enjoy!!

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