Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chaos classes

Now i want to add few words about - in my opinion - the most interesting side of conflict - Chaos!Im not so happy about fact that only Tzeentch is in Warhammer Online, i wish to play with Khorne Chosen or Nurgle - good stuff. But game creators created 4 prof for only one god of Chaos so we;ve got : Chosen, Zealot, Magus and Marauder.

Chosen is big, strong and well armored warrior who is master of combat. Tzeentch the most cunning Chaos god, wants only strongest and also cuning warriors, he will grant his power only when he will see someone like that...anyway bla bla. High level chosen can use Winds of Magic. And thats all. He is strong, tough and can later use magic.

Another class is interesting, Magus - he is basically warlock of chaos but...he is using something called Disc of Tzeentch - powerfull daemon creature who can fly fast on the battlefiled. Mage on chaos - scateboard NICE :) Magus magic is very offensive and he can deal gigantic damage in short time - he must be putted to sleep very fast - if you want to live. His defensive abilities are weak so if he take a blow or 2 he can say bye bye, but if you can't hit him..pray...

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